Watanabe Diary

Letters from Auberge-Watanabe

Rainy season


Flowers look much beautiful in rain, don't you think?
2016/06/19 | Category : days

What a beautiful day!

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Just gorgeous!
2016/04/29 | Category : days

New arrival


New arrival! President Obama had a sake from this brewery when he came to Japan in 2014. Please enjoy the elegant scent and its superior quality.
2016/04/25 | Category : days

Fresh greens

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Our chef is like a great painter! He catches a beautiful tone of colors of the season and changes them into amazing textures. Could you imagine looking at the window from the Momiji room and what kind of texture would you think of?
2016/04/24 | Category : days

Toka-sai festival

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Toka-sai is held every year on April 15h. The festival is starting with the ritual of offering peach blossoms to the God. And Bugaku (court dance) and music are performed by Shinto prists with a joy of beautiful spring seasons. Several Noh (noh play) are performed on the Itsukushima shrine noh stage from April 16 to 18 (9am-4pm) as the post-event of the Toka-sai. With your 300yen entrance fee to the shrine, you can enjoy this marvelous performance. 400 professoinal noh performers all over Japan and coming for the event and their traditional costumes are also stunning!
2016/04/18 | Category : days