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Letters from Auberge-Watanabe

INORI momument

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Many origami cranes have been sent from all over the world to the Hiroshima Peace memorial Park.  The origami cranes are buried at the Daisho-in temple and the INORI monument is settled at the temple today.
2014/05/6 | Category : days

Awashima shrine

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The Awashima shrine is located near our inn. Today, we had a small festival at the shrine.
2014/05/3 | Category : days

The first day of every month

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It is said that visiting a shrine and a temple on the first day of the month, you can get many good things! It's been a very important day for our family since my great great grand ma started this business 90 years ago. She started to serve barasushi (chirashi sushi) to the prayers and we still keep the tradition. Please enjoy the first day's special chirashi sushi and our regular special Anago sushi roll with udon or soba noodle!
2014/05/1 | Category : days

Miyajima Rickshaw


Riding a rickshaw is a great experience!

2014/04/30 | Category : days