Watanabe Diary

Letters from Auberge-Watanabe

August 6, 1945

A single bomb took more than 130,000 lives. We must never forget Hiroshima.
2020/08/6 | Category : days


Ten minutes ride from our inn, there is a cozy beach♪
2020/08/3 | Category : days

Kaiseki-course Lunch

We have just started serving our beautiful kaiseki-course lunch at marvelous Momiji room. If you would like to have a very private relaxing lunch time, please contact us at 0829-44-0234.
2020/08/1 | Category : days


He is painting for himself not for pleasing others, said his wife. By beautiful neighbor couple nearly in their 90's.
2020/07/7 | Category : days

Beauty of June Sky

2020/06/30 | Category : days