Watanabe Diary

Letters from Auberge-Watanabe

Magic words

Show consideration for each other.
2021/10/1 | Category : days


平和への願い 今ある家族との時間 思いやりの心を忘れずに日々を大切に過ごしています。

Love and Peace
2021/08/31 | Category : days


Kangen festival was held on July 26th. Sound of waves echoes to gagaku music.
Bright sun, season of beautiful blue ocean has arrived!
2021/07/30 | Category : days


Season of beautiful hydrangea, feeling of early summer, happy June!
2021/06/30 | Category : days

My favorite season

Everyday, I feel I am so lucky to live on this beautiful island.
2021/05/31 | Category : days