Watanabe Diary

Letters from Auberge-Watanabe

Seasonal flowers

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Please enjoy the beautiful flowers from the garden! Chinensis, Shrimp plant, Lisianthus, Rose of Sharon, Hydrangea etc... What beautiful names they have!
2014/07/5 | Category : days

Nishi no Matsubara

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From the exit of the Itsukushima shirne, if you walk a road along the coast, you can find a beautiful cozy beach called Nishi no Matsubara. It's my children's favorite place. There are four gigantic swings. I imagine swingging in the swing is like flying in the sky for children. And the beach is perfect place for little kids because the water is very shallow. They can find many kinds of sea creatures too. This afternoon, a group of pelple enjoyed sea kayaking and riding on water scooters. There are many outdoor activities here in Miyajima.
2014/06/29 | Category : days

Seasonal appetizer


Please enjoy our kaiseki-course dinner. Here is our chef's special seasonal appetizer.
2014/06/28 | Category : days

Kangen festival

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On Sunday July 13th, Kangen festival will be held at the Itsukushima shrine. It is one of the most beautiful festivals in Miyajima and it has about 1000years of history. Please enjoy the beauty of the festival.
2014/06/26 | Category : days

2014/06/13 | Category : days