Watanabe Diary

Letters from Auberge-Watanabe



We have a taxi and public bus services.
2014/05/15 | Category : days


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A lady next door brings us beautiful flowers and the room becomes so colorful!
2014/05/12 | Category : days

Tsutsumigaura recration park


After visinting some historical places in Miyajima, please enjoy outdoor activities at the Tsutsumigaura park! You can enjoy swimming, BBQ and camping there.
2014/05/9 | Category : days

Irihama beach


There are a couple of beautiful beaches in Miyajima. It's so peaceful just looking at the water.
2014/05/7 | Category : days

Nakaoka Farm

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I and my children visited Nakaoka Farm this afternoon and enjoyed looking at all organic vegetables. Just picked green peas were so sweet!
2014/05/6 | Category : days