Watanabe Diary

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A fawn

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I found a cute little fawn.
2014/05/23 | Category : days

The Kitano shrine


There is a nice trail called "Yamabeno komichi" and you can find the Kitano shrine on the way. Tomorrow, the annual festival will be held at the shrine and neighbors are busy preparing for it.
2014/05/22 | Category : days

Sacred horse

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It is believed that the horse is a sacred animal so it was decicated to a kami (god) in the old days. There is a small stable in front of the Itsukushima shrine and a statue of white horse is settled. In the past, a keeper was takinig care of a real horse there!
2014/05/19 | Category : days

Event at the Itsukushima shrine

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Empress Suiko Saiyouhaishiki is held at the Itsukushima shrine and bugakucourt dances and music are performed.

2014/05/18 | Category : days