Watanabe Diary

Letters from Auberge-Watanabe

Fresh green

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It's so beautiful looking at fresh green! It's my mom's favorite time of the year.
2015/04/27 | Category : days

Miyajima kokeshi


A big surprise from my favorite cafe "Tamukaima". They brought us an original "Miyajima kokeshi". The kokeshi is an unique shape of hoju (a precious orb). Hoju has been a symbol of happiness and it's been also believed to protect us from evil. The kokeshi is gently handpainted by an local artist. Please bring it home as your beautiful memory of Miyajima!
2015/04/25 | Category : days

Toka(a peach tree) Festival

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Toka festival was held at the Itsukushima shrine and the traditional Japanese court dancing are performed all day. It's been performed since late 12th centry. If you happen to be here in autumn, next chance you can see it will be October 15th. Please enjoy the magical music.
2015/04/15 | Category : days

A fire festival


A fire festival is held at the Daisho-in temple. My children and I walked barefoot on the ashes.
2015/04/15 | Category : days


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Fresh seaweeds from the Setouchi sea. Please enjoy the seaweed with udon/soba noodle at out restaurant 1st floor. You have a wonderful view!
2015/04/11 | Category : days