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A world of white

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Wow, it's  all white!
2017/01/15 | Category : days

Tondo (Fire festival)

Tondo is a fire festival which takes place around January 15th. Today the festival is held in front of the Itsukushima shrine and New Year's decorations were burned. We believe the fire protects us from the diseases for the year.
2017/01/14 | Category : days

Sun set

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Today was my very special day. Our great guest David brought us amazing pictures and showed us how beautiful this island is. He had two round trip to Mt. Misen early morning and late afternoon to catch the magical moments. I would love to share them all of you!
2017/01/3 | Category : days

Sun rise

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Beautiful sun rise from the top of Mt. Misen.
2017/01/3 | Category : days

Happy New Year!

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May peace, joy and happiness will come to you in year 2017.
2017/01/1 | Category : days