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I went to a fire festival "Tondo" to take our new years decorations. We believe what we burn at Tondo will get back to the gods. While watching the fire, I wish for good health for the year.
2016/01/15 | Category : days

Happy New Year!

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I wish you a year filled with peace and happiness.
2016/01/1 | Category : days

Autumn foliage

The peak of autumn foliage usually comes in mid-November but this year, trees seem so confused by the climate change. Most of Japanese maple trees turned yellow, orange and red in early November and soon after, sadly we could find lots of withered leaves. We all felt so disappointed by the fact because for us Japanese enjoying autumn foliage is one of our biggest events.

Surprisingly, Japanese maple trees in my neighbor finally decided turn their colors. I couldn't believe they were still waiting for the right moment. All right, you are on the right track!

2015/12/10 | Category : days

Autumn appetizer

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Let's start with a very light Yuzu citrus sake as an apperitif. Then all the excitments are waiting for you. Please enjoy the great adventure of Japanese traditional course dinner!
2015/11/21 | Category : days


Trees are beautiful in rain, and I imagine drinking great sake on rainy day could take us to the another greatest world. Hiroshima is well known for producing lots of beautiful sake. Please have them with our special kaiseki-course dinner!
2015/11/18 | Category : days