Watanabe Diary

Letters from Auberge-Watanabe

A fire festival


A fire festival is held at the Daisho-in temple. My children and I walked barefoot on the ashes.
2015/04/15 | Category : days


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Fresh seaweeds from the Setouchi sea. Please enjoy the seaweed with udon/soba noodle at out restaurant 1st floor. You have a wonderful view!
2015/04/11 | Category : days

Fresh green

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Cheery blossoms are gone and fresh greens are now taking their place.

Please enjoy our special "Anago Sushi Roll" and "Japanese style omlet" at the restaurant 1st floor with wonderful view!
2015/04/8 | Category : days

A concert

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A small concert was held at the Daisho in temple last night. We were celebrating girl's festival and wishing

world peace together.
2015/04/5 | Category : days

April 1st

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April is the begining of school year, and I remember having a very exciting feeling every April when I was a student. Meeting new friends, teachers and new life...All the excitments are in this beautiful time of the year.

The first day of every month, we prepare today's special "chirashi sushi" and breakfast set. Chirashi sushi has 90 years of our history. Please try it!


2015/04/1 | Category : days