Watanabe Diary

Letters from Auberge-Watanabe

Miyajima Odori (Dance)

Let's dance!
2017/08/18 | Category : days


Dear My friends,

Please find beautiful beautiful blue clouds in the sky.


Hiroshima & Nagasaki

A piece called "cloud #4" by New York based artist Sonomi Kobayashi.


2017/08/9 | Category : days

kangen festival


We welcomed kangen boats at the Oomoto shrine. I felt like being transported in to another age.
2017/08/8 | Category : days


May peace be in The World.
2017/08/6 | Category : days

Kangen boat

Here is my grandpa's mini Kangen boat! Beatufiul Kangen festival is held on Augsut 8th.
2017/08/3 | Category : days