Watanabe Diary

Letters from Auberge-Watanabe


Current Otorii was rebulid in 1875. It has 8 generations of history and has been protected by ancestors since it first built in Heian period (794-1192). There are several parts need to be fixed so the whole gate will be surrounded by scaffolding in a month. The construction period is expected to be finished by Auugst 2020.
2019/06/1 | Category : days


Beautiful flowers make us smile.
2019/05/30 | Category : days

Birds singing

I am fallen  love with Miyajima.
2019/05/14 | Category : days

Fresh green

Outside of window, full of green. Our favorite season has come!
2019/04/17 | Category : days

Girl's festival in Miyajima

Please enjoy!
2019/03/21 | Category : days