Watanabe Diary

Letters from Auberge-Watanabe


A festival was held at the Daiganji-Temple. My son was looking at the table to find somthing new!
2013/06/17 | Category : days

Nakaoka Farm

There is a beautiful farm in Miyajima called Nakaoka Farm. A young couple moved here last December and started growing many vegetables. Today、 my children and I went there to help rice planting.

2013/06/16 | Category : days

Sunny day

It's beautiful sunny day. Rainy season has came but we hardly see any rain this month.
2013/06/13 | Category : days


Cute visiters are looking at us!
2013/06/12 | Category : days

Miyajima bori

The wooden tube is done by a craftsman who makes beautiful Miyajima bori.
2013/06/5 | Category : days