Watanabe Diary

Letters from Auberge-Watanabe

August 6th

I look at the blue sky at 8:15am. I imagine your smiles when we made paper cranes together. Our family is growing slowly but surely.
2018/08/6 | Category : days

Rainy season

They are always beautiful.
2018/07/5 | Category : days


It looks like a beautiful hydrangea blooming in snow.
2018/05/31 | Category : days


Sending you a beautiful bouquet from Miyajima♡
2018/05/30 | Category : days

Summer special Cold sake

New arrival

Please enjoy summer special local sake. Misen dry & fruity  Cloudy sake sweet & fruity: Both of them are specially good with our fish head☆
2018/05/29 | Category : days